Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is just as critical in the military and defense industries as it is in business. Creating dynamic and engaging marketing, advertising, public relations, and social media photography that captivates and grabs prospective consumers’ and readers’ attention.

Goldswan Media can stage, outfit, and create amazing pictures in a variety of locations, providing customers with the authentic and dynamic military, security, and specialty weapons police photographic setups for use exclusively as hero content to represent their brand and business.

Exclusive Commercial Licensing

Exclusive Licensing ensures that no other firm may legally use the photographs, ensuring that you retain the pictures’ distinctive appearance, feel, style, and effect. Any business that uses such photos unlawfully will face takedown letters and sanctions.

Assuring you that the images you use in your company’s flagship marketing and advertising campaigns are truly distinctive.

When defense and security firms want marketing and advertising imagery that is unique to their brand and is licensed exclusively to them, Goldswan Media can assist.

Find Out More

Contact us now to discuss your concepts, creative ideas, and how Gold Swan Media may be able to assist you in creating your next show-stopping graphics. We may work within existing guidelines or infuse some originality into your branding and marketing strategy.

Our unique imagery service is offered to all businesses, both those who are enrolled in our Constant Rolling Content Program and those who are not, ensuring that any business may benefit from spectacular and exclusive photography.

Commercial Photography Pricing

Typically, no two picture shootings are identical. As a result, we often produce unique quotations based on your specific requirements!

Photoshoots can take on a wide variety of forms depending on what, where, who, and what you are attempting to accomplish. We analyze many parameters to provide you with a quotation and to ensure that it is the correct quotation. We have designed a questionnaire for you to complete that will enable us to respond with a quote swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to proceed to the next step of production preparation.

Consider the following factors:

  • Photographic Location
  • Time spent on pre-production and rigging – de-rigging.
  • Duration of Photography on Location
  • Travel Time to the Destination
  • Additional crew members/assistants are required.
  • Stylists / Makeup Artists / Visual Effects Artists
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Hire of Props / Wardrobe
  • Vehicle Rental
  • Troops / Models / Actors
  • Expenses of Travel / Subsistence

We will next discuss how you want to utilize the picture to provide you the appropriate use license in the quote. At Goldswan Media, we adhere to the AOP’s (Association of Photographers) license scale and scale to their industry-standard norms. Therefore, whether you want only social media or commercial website and brochure printing in the United Kingdom, or whether your requirements are worldwide and include complete printing and digital rights, we can scale the suitable license to meet your specific requirements.