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Our experts can aid and supplement your marketing, communications, and public relations efforts services in the defense sector.

Defence Marketing

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Recent years have witnessed an increase in security challenges, prompting a rise in global spending on armaments and military equipment. According to Deloitte, the global defense sector is predicted to increase between 3% and 4% in 2020, reaching a value of US$1.9 trillion. According to 2020 statistics, the United States, China, India, Russia, and Saudi Arabia are the five highest defense expenditure countries. Defense and military aerospace are significant export sectors for the United Kingdom, accounting for US$14 billion in revenue in 2018. This includes selling fighter planes, missiles, naval vessels, electronics, and other military equipment to foreign armed forces.

Engage With An Agency That Knows The Defense Industry’s Intricacies, From Innovative Technology To Unique Buying Experiences.

Compared to generic agencies, we keep a close eye on the defense sector and its current advancements. This information helps us inform and impact our marketing and communication efforts.

Defence Marketing, Communications, And PR.

We are market leaders in defense public relations, marketing, and communications. We regularly deal with firms in this area, including big prime contractors and small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs). Additionally, we assist other organizations with their defense strategic communications needs.

Our experts’ partner with defense firms to increase brand awareness and drive good business results via various marketing and communication strategies.

Goldswan Media may advise and implement strategic marketing strategies, public relations (PR), communications operations, and website content development, including whitepapers and sponsored material. Additionally, we are digital media professionals, which means we can maintain social media accounts and provide consultation on more significant initiatives.