Goldswan Media is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Goldswan media is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Mayfair, London. We specialize in services such as video production, social media, content marketing, digital marketing & professional photography. We focus on our love for multiple niches including, defense, police, lifestyle and more.

We assist you in boost sales and expanding your business

We are a full-service marketing, communications, and content agency specializing in manufacturing and technology sectors, including defense, aerospace, security, marine, and energy. Our experts can assist you in growing your business by using cutting-edge digital marketing and business-to-business communication techniques.

Our team is comprised of skilled digital content creators, marketing and communications professionals, and experts. Goldswan Media leverages this knowledge to give a one-stop-shop for all of your marketing, communications, public relations, and content needs.

Our Services

How can we help you?

Social Media

Our professionals can assist you in developing a social media strategy and managing your various channels.

Planning a Campaign

We can assist you in planning your next campaign, whether it is a product launch or corporate expansion.

Digital Content

Allow us to create your digital media material, including editorial, photography, and video content.

We Provide Customized Digital Marketing Strategies That Get Results

Our primary strategic aim as an agency is to assist businesses in growing and achieving critical sales targets. Goldswan Media’s specialists will assist you in increasing your following, website traffic, and lead quality for more business opportunities.

We analyze success across several channels, including social media, online traffic, on-page SEO, and email campaigns, using cutting-edge digital marketing technologies. In addition, our digital marketing professionals will collaborate with you to analyze current performance and establish appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) for growth and optimal ROI.


  • “One of our primary communications goals is to establish a long-term online presence based on original and compelling content. Working with Goldswan Media has helped us increase the quality of our web content and critical metrics. In addition, Goldswan Media responded promptly and flexibly to our changing demands throughout the Corona epidemic, assisting us in maintaining a strong web presence. We look forward to furthering collaborations with Goldswan Media.”

    Joachim Schranzhofer, HENSOLDT's Head of Communications
  • “Goldswan Media provides an exceptional blend of copywriting and video production services that was great for us. They offer exceptional insight into the need for a strong social media presence. In addition, they are willing to manage a communications plan established using content gleaned from talks with key organization members. We integrated video content at their suggestions and have been pleasantly surprised by the internet response.”

    Mike Harling, ESP Global Services' Founder and Chairman